Welcome to Wilma Espoo!

All schools in Espoo use the electronic Wilma-tool to assist their home-school interaction.

With the help of Wilma, the guardians can follow the study results of the pupil/student, examine and solve non-attendances, send messages to the teacher, read messages sent by the teacher and follow the school's information letters.

In Wilma, the pupils/students can choose courses, follow their study results, read information letters and message with the teachers.

The Wilma license is owned by the City of Espoo.

Did you forget your password?

Click the link: "Forgot your password?" and follow the given instructions. In case you receive a notification by email telling that the password cannot be changed, please do contact the school directly.


New Wilma accounts are created on the connect page.


Wilma's privacy notice (Espoo.fi: Privacy notices > Growth and Learning Sector > Education > choose either pupil register for Finnish-language basic education or student register for Finnish-language general upper secondary education)
Accessibility statement for Wilma web service and Wilma mobile application (link to service provider's site)

Wilma has a service interruption on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 9-11pm.

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